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ProudParent Experiential Learning series How perspective effects parenting style, your child(ren), and your life. I mention perspective, because it is the guiding force behind your ability to 1) live in the moment, and 2) experience greater joy from each moment. For those of you that have a few years on them, as I do, can appreciate the notion of looking back upon a situation where you feel differently now than you did at the time. The added advantage of perspective gives you a more rounded view of the experience. For those who take the opportunity to reflect upon different situations…

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Heart Centered

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Head To Heart Parenting What is Head To Heart Parenting? Knowing the difference between thinking from the head or living in the heart is one of the most beneficial experiences you can have, in my opinion. The brain is a great place to hold information. As a parent (new or otherwise) we gather information on what to do or not to do in order to protect our child or help them grow up as responsible, caring, and loving human beings. Our brain holds this data. Categorizes this data and makes it available when we seek it in certain situations. Our…

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Confidence Builders

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Confidence Builders for kids Confidence Builders for kids: Building confidence is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone. We all need more confidence – young people, people at risk, and new parents just to name a few. Confidence can come in many ways. ProudParent believes in experiential learning. Learning through experience or through doing. Hands on learning. I personally have had a great experience and a privilege of having been involved in the Boy Scouts of America program for the past ten years and watched as my son has grown through the program. He started as early in the program…

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