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Things To Do Everyday

Here is a list of things you can do to improve your energy and your life. Do them everyday. Keep a journal for a month or more and see the changes in your life. Write down your personal interactions with people. Some of the steps may seem simple, but are no less important. Other steps may need thoughtful consideration to fully grasp the powerful impact they hold. You may even want to meditate on each step to fully feel and integrate them into your conscious mind.

Get enough sleep. Restful sleep.

Having an attitude of gratitude calms the heart.

Respect other people, animals and nature.

Share, love, learn.

Be the magnet of light and love.

Respect yourself. You are a true expression of Gods love.

You can do things that do not cost money to raise your vibration, but give you a release and an uplifting feeling. Make your own personal list.

Take a salt bath for releasing within your muscles. Your aura will respond.

Recognize what you “do have” with gratitude. Be present in the moment for the best part of that moment.

You can control your own emotions.

You control your Free Will.

You control your choices.

Remember, all matter is energy. You are energy.

Move your body around each day. Dance, exercise, anything that makes you feel good. Get your body moving. This will help move your energy. It will also help move out old stale energy.

Spend some time each day in quiet contemplation. The term meditation can mean different things to different people. If you would rather not mediate or do not know how to begin then simply sit quietly and contemplate what you are grateful for. This alone will put you on the right path. If something negative creeps in simply acknowledge it by saying thank you and move on to something of your choosing. A tip: express your gratitude from your heart not year head. In other words, don’t simply say thank you because you were told to. FEEL the gratitude as you give thanks. That is a big difference.

Remember to jot down any impressions of your experience in a journal. You can reflect back upon them at a later date.

Enjoy. ©2014