Make The Bed

By October 3, 2014 Parenting No Comments

BedtimeHow Can You Get the Bed Made?

Ok, I will admit it right from the top. I’m talking about myself in this one. I admit that I am notorious for not making the bed. After all, “I’m just going to get back in it when I return.” And yes, this is what I used to say as a teen and what my teenagers say to us now.

Unfortunately for my wife, she is the one that typically wants the bed made. I say unfortunately, because there is only one of her and there are three boys (counting me) in the house. She tried to even the odds by getting a female dog and a female cat, but it did not help completely.

So, how do you get the bed made. Well, here is what she did. She was sneaky. She made her side of the bed. Then, she was even sneakier. She did not say a word about my side of the bed. Day after day, she did not say anything to me about my side. No pressure. No verbalized disappointment.

Like so many other things in our lives the first step to any change is to recognize an issue. Once your perspective includes the new information you can begin to process it and make a change. The fact that I was able to do this at my own pace and not be forced to change or put in a negative feeling about it I could begin to process the issue.

My wife was living the change. She was living by example in this case. She allowed me to transform and meet her in the same place. I eventually saw the effort she was making and did not want to let her down. I also saw the difference in the room and began to raise my energy to meet hers on this issue.

The point of this story relates to so much of what we do in our lives. Sometimes we look at others and point out negatives rather than just being the change. In this example, my wife could have easily taken the tact that she doesn’t bother to make the bed, because “what’s the use he doesn’t make his.” She could have made the whole bed and then resented me and harbored bad feelings inside against me. But, no she simply lived the higher vibration and allowed me to rise to hers. So much easier. So much less stress.

Think if we did this process in other aspects of our lives. Just be the change. Live the change. Don’t feel negative to others that are not there yet. Sometimes they will meet your energy and sometimes they won’t, but don’t get negative. Make your side of the bed and move on. Move on to something that gives you pleasure and don’t harbor any negativity.

As I encourage you to do this I also caution you not to have any expectations for anyone else’s behavior. Don’t feel devious. Don’t expect change in someone. Just have fun with it and be the change. Who knows, they might actually wake up and notice… and make a change in themselves… and you too might get your partner to make the bed!

Enjoy. Have fun today.