Paint A Vision For Your Child

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Painting A Vision For Your Child Connect the dots between what they are doing and accomplishing today with the future. They dont have the perspective you do. They dont know what their accomplishment will mean to their life later in life. What does is mean to become an Eagle Scout at the age of 14? As they work toward this goal of becoming an Eagle Scout they know it is a good thing, but they may not connect the dots to ALL that it may mean. Why do so many boy scouts not reach this goal? Less than 5% that…

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Do Everyday

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Things To Do Everyday Here is a list of things you can do to improve your energy and your life. Do them everyday. Keep a journal for a month or more and see the changes in your life. Write down your personal interactions with people. Some of the steps may seem simple, but are no less important. Other steps may need thoughtful consideration to fully grasp the powerful impact they hold. You may even want to meditate on each step to fully feel and integrate them into your conscious mind. Get enough sleep. Restful sleep. Having an attitude of gratitude…

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Confidence Builders

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Confidence Builders for kids Confidence Builders for kids: Building confidence is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone. We all need more confidence – young people, people at risk, and new parents just to name a few. Confidence can come in many ways. ProudParent believes in experiential learning. Learning through experience or through doing. Hands on learning. I personally have had a great experience and a privilege of having been involved in the Boy Scouts of America program for the past ten years and watched as my son has grown through the program. He started as early in the program…

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Leadership What Does it mean What is leadership? After talking with many adults and young people, I realized that it can mean very different things to each person. I have participated in the Boy Scouts of America program as an adult volunteer for the past ten years. During this time I have had the chance to learn how Scouting approaches the leadership concept and how different scouts react to the training they receive. One of the basic tenants of Scouting after service is leadership. Scouts offers leadership training through its core setup (meaning it is a boy led program and…

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